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Founded in 2021 by Todd Zalinski, Summit Strong was built on the foundation of becoming an environment where anyone can accomplish their fitness goals. We offer a wide range of services, including Open Gym Access, Personal Training, and specialized classes to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in our top-tier training facility and highly educated training staff. Whether you are a professional athlete or wanting to get started on your fitness journey, Summit has the tools for you. 

Together, our Mission and Vision of Summit Strong is to create a fitness environment that puts our community first and is member owned. We are here to help people accomplish their goals to achieve their peak level of fitness by educating members through workout plans/programs, classes, and personal training.  

We Value the indomitable spirit that is associated with the fitness world. There are no failures; only opportunities to grow and learn from past experiences to improve. We encourage DOING over trying and push our members to acknowledge their capability over being comfortable with complacency.

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